Express Pilates Glutes

Express Pilates workout – Glute muscles

This is a short class designed to engage and strengthen our glute muscle

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Length: 20 minutes

This is a short class designed to engage and strengthen our glute muscles. This is a mat-based class working in both four-point kneeling and on our sides. Please remember to always work to a level that you feel safe and comfortable to do, particularly with the more challenging exercise sequences.

This class includes:

  • Sitting arm opening stretch and mermaid stretch
  • Side lying side kick
  • Leg lift sideways
  • Side bend with combined clam
  • Four-point kneeling fire hydrants and donkey kicks
  • Child pose stretch
  • Leg lift and lower
  • Pigeon pose glute stretch
  • Cat stretch
  • Kneeling arm circles

The class begins with a few gentle upper body stretches in sitting on the mat. We then move into side lying and challenge our glute muscle stretch with a side kick and leg lift sideways movement. Moving onto our elbow we then work our abdominals and glutes with a side bend, adding some clams for an extra challenge.

Changing position to four-point kneeling we work on our glute muscle strength and control further with some fire hydrants and donkey kicks and some leg lifts and lowers. From this position we then stretch out with a child pose and pigeon pose stretches. Finishing the class in kneeling with some arm circles.  

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  • Sharon Booker

    That was my first Pilates class, I really enjoyed it. I found the pigeon pose no good for my knees unfortunately, but thoroughly enjoyed the rest . Thank you. I look forward to working out with you again.

    1. Vicky

      Hi Sharon, thanks for your comment and really pleased you enjoyed the class. The pigeon pose can be a difficult stretch but alternatively, you can always stretch your glutes on your back (with one foot on the opposite knee). I hope you continue to enjoy the classes, best wishes, Vicky

  • Judy

    I would like to do the free online pilates classes. I need to strengthen my core, to counter a weak back and legs.

  • Sam

    Great workout for the glutes. I really enjoy your classes. Thanks Vicky

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