core and stretches Pilates class

Easy core and stretches

Stretch focused class with short sets of core and abdominal exercises

Included in this class:

This class begins in sitting with some gentle stretches to warm up our backs and upper bodies before we then move down onto our backs.

On our backs we move our pelvis into neutral position and work through a short series of bridging and one leg stretch movements. Make sure you work to the level that suits you.

After this short series we stretch out with some gentle knee hugs before starting our next set of exercises – the criss cross and scissors movements which target our lower abdominals. We then stretch out again with some lumbar rotations before finishing in sitting with some further stretches.

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  • Roz

    Thank you Vicky, I like the idea of 3 connected classes per week and I can add in a longer one as time allows, as it looks like another stretch of being confined to barracks!

  • Jeanette

    I like the idea of January classes to follow. I have to adapt some as my right leg doesn’t work, disability, but can do most of them, I’ve been following your other classes for a while and can’t believe the difference it has made. Thanks for great classes

  • Dingle

    Loving the calendar classes as need the guided plan. I do have problems bridging, not with the core, not with my hamstrings, but with my knees, when lowering. I have had an arthroscopy in my left knee years back……

    1. Vicky

      Hello, Great to hear you are enjoying the January calendar. It may help to try moving your feet a little further away from your bottom. You could also try placing a block/pillow/towel between your knees to see if that helps as well. Always keep your glutes/bottom muscles engaged lifting up and lowering from a bridge. I hope that’s of some help! Best wishes, Vicky

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