Core legs backs and glutes

Core, legs, backs and glutes

Full length, full body Pilates class.

In this workout we cover core, back, legs and glutes exercises.

This class is a relatively challenging class that will suit most people. Various levels of exercises are offered to cater to a variety of levels. But please work within your abilities…and don’t over do it!

This class begins with a gentle warm up in standing. We then move onto our backs on the mat to work on our core, introducing our new move of the month a one leg stretch as well.

We then move round onto our sides to challenge our glute and core muscles a little more with a side bend and side kick movement.

Finishing the class with some leg and and lower back stretches.

I hope you enjoy the class.

PLEASE NOTE – this class is part of a related series, specifically looking to work on improving the body’s lumbo-pelvic control through the one leg stretch exercise.

The class can be enjoyed by itself or as part of the series. This is class one of four of the series. Other classes include:

  • kajharry@me.com

    Thanks Vicky for another really good class!

    1. Vicky

      Thank you for your comment. You are most welcome 🙂

  • jill gregson

    Excellent class – thank you. I really enjoyed it.

  • Rose

    Thanks Vicky for a good work out.

  • Harriet Robbins

    Thank you for another excellent class,

    1. Vicky

      Hi Harriet. Thank you so much for your comment and your support. Glad you’re enjoying the classes!

  • Marilyn

    I really enjoyed this class Vicky, a great all round work out. Thank you.

  • suzyc1971@gmail.com

    Vicky – just discovered these. Thanks you so much for offering these free online. Perfect covid antidote!

  • Cathryn

    Thank you Vicky, I’ve just discovered your classes. Really enjoyed this one. Will be continuing during lockdown… and hopefully beyond!

  • Victora

    So pleased to have found your classes! As a runner in rehab – and who desperately needs to work on core and glute strength/stability – this was brilliant. Thank you 🙂

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