Core focus mat work Pilates

Core focused mat work class

Core focused workout in both sitting and on our backs on the mat.

This is a fairly tough workout for our core and abdominal muscles but I will give some options for each exercise so always work to a level that suits you and that you feel comfortable with.

Warming up with some chest opening and upper body stretches in sitting. We then practice some abdominal control with some half roll downs before rolling down onto our backs on the mat.

On our backs we work on our lumbo-pelvic control with a one leg stretch, adding in the abdominal prep position to challenge our abdominal muscle strength and endurance. We also mobilise our spines and engage our glute muscles with a Bridging movement.

Finishing with some gentle stretching movements for our spine and legs. 

  • Sally woodrow

    Thank you Vicky, your classes are really helping me with stretching and strengthening me physically and mentally x

  • Rose

    Thank you for Vicky for a nice short work-out.

  • June

    Good short class to fit in before teatime and jobs
    Thank you Vicky

  • Jill

    Thank you again for another great class. Happy Christmas to you and your family.

    1. Vicky

      Thank you Jill and to you too.

  • Amanda

    Good extra class to do after the circle class

  • Eva

    Im recovering after a difficult surgery, your classes helping me a lot. You are amazing. Thank you.😊

    1. Vicky

      Thanks Eva. So pleased to be able to help.

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