Runners cool down

Cool down for runners

Short series of stretches for cooling down after a run

This is a short class designed to help your body cool down after a run or to do as a separate activity to compliment your training to maintain muscle length and flexibility which is important for runners. In this class we focus on stretching the main muscle groups in our legs used in running.

We start the class in standing stretching out our calf muscles. Then rolling down to mobilise our spines into a downward dog position. We then stretch out our hip flexors which often get tight for runners and our quadriceps muscles in a kneeling position. We move down onto our mats to stretch out our glute and piriformis muscle in a ‘pigeon pose’ position. We then stretch out our backs and toes in a child pose position. Finishing stretching our hamstrings with a roll down movement.

  • Jo

    Thank you so much for this cool down routine I use it obsessively after every run. It really helps my muscles to recover.

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