Tough Pilates flow

Challenging Pilates flow

Tough Pilates flow class in standing and on the mat.

  • Difficulty: Tough
  • Length: 26 minutes

This class combines a range of exercise to work throughout the body aiming to encourage a gentle flow to each sequence of movements. The class starts in standing, challenging both balance and strength before rolling down to continue the class on the mat.

This class includes:

  • Standing toy soldier
  • Single leg stand with chest openings
  • Standing clam
  • Side plie with heel raises and spine twist
  • Lunges
  • Plank with shoulder taps
  • Spider man walk
  • Bridging with scissor legs
  • Double leg stretch
  • Cycling legs
  • Hamstring and glute stretches
  • Sitting chest openings and mermaid stretches

We start the class in standing warming up through our upper body with a toy soldier movement then challenging our balance with a one leg stand and chest openings. We then continue to combine our upper and lower body movements with a side plie squat. Rolling down into four-point kneeling we test our strength in a plank position and add in some shoulder taps for an extra upper body challenge as well as some spider man walks!

Moving around onto our backs we continue to engage and strengthen through our core and abdominals with a bridge, double leg stretch and cycling exercises. On our backs we then cool down with some gentle lower back and leg stretches before finishing the class with some upper body stretches in sitting.

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  • Mary Howell

    Hard work but loved the session

    1. Vicky

      So pleased you enjoyed it Mary

  • Sue

    Didn’t quite feet to hands on the Spiderman walk!!🤣 That was a tough section. Thank you for another great class.

    1. Vicky

      You are most welcome Sue 🙂

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