Bum and thigh Pilates workout

Bum and thigh Pilates workout

This class gives our bottom and thigh muscles a real workout

This is a great class if you are looking to strengthen around your glute muscles and challenge your hip control.

Strengthening your glute muscles helps to support and control the movement around your hip joint as well as acting as key stabilisers around the pelvis.

This class is a 25 minute mat based class working primarily in four-point kneeling and on our sides.

In four-point kneeling we challenge our glute muscles as well as our limbo-pelvic control with exercises including a one leg circle.

On our sides we work our legs and glutes a little more with a clam and side kick movements.

We finish the class with some gentle leg stretches.

  • Rose

    Hi Vicky,
    Thank you for a challenging workout.
    Take Care & Stay safe

  • Stephanie

    Thank you so much for providing such easy to follow classes. I like the fact that I can choose the area I want to work on and for how long I want to exercise. I keep recommending you to family and friends.

  • Zoe

    Thank you so much for these videos. So easy to follow and great to be able watch videos targeting specific areas. You have a lovely soothing voice which is what is needed at the moment. Much appreciated x

  • Jenny

    Brilliant class, thank you for the video. Perfect amount of time for each move plus the concentration on the breath throughout means that my body feels really good afterwards – and relaxed! Thank you 🙂

  • Judie

    Thank you, Vicky – so pleased to have found your site. Great workout. Will make a donation – you deserve it!
    Best wishes

  • Chris

    Really enjoyed this class, thank you.

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