all over Pilates workout

All over Pilates workout

This is a mat-based class working on strengthening throughout the body

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Length: 42 minutes

This is a mat-based class working on strengthening throughout the body. This class includes exercises to help strengthen through our core as well as our glutes and abdominal muscles. We start the class in standing and warm up both our upper body and legs before rolling down to continue the class on the mat. As much as possible various levels are demonstrated for the exercises but please always work to a level that you feel comfortable and safe to do.

This class includes:

  • Standing toy soldier
  • Bow and arrow stretch
  • Scissor legs in standing
  • Side plie with side bend and heel raises
  • Roll downs
  • One leg stretch
  • Scissors
  • Abdo prep with double leg stretch
  • Clam with toe tap
  • Side kick
  • Sitting tricep dips
  • Oblique roll backs
  • Modified teaser
  • Opposite arm and leg stretch
  • Glute and hamstring stretches
  • Sitting chest opening and arm reaches

We start the class warming up our legs and upper body with a toy soldier movement in standing. We then bring some arm and leg movements together with scissor legs and arm raises, giving our balance a little bit of a challenge. We then work our legs a little more with a side plie and vary the movement adding some side bends and heels raises. Rolling down we then continue the class down onto our backs on the mat. We engage and challenge our core and abdominals with a one leg stretch, scissors movements and abdo prep with leg stretch.

Moving around onto our sides we strengthen our glutes with a clam and side kick exercises. From here we move into sitting where we work our arms with a tricep dip before continuing to strengthen our obliques and abdominals with a side roll back and modified teaser. We then roll back down onto our backs to cool down with some gentle leg and lower back stretches.

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  • Marisa

    Great classes, where can I get classes?

    1. Vicky

      Hi Marisa, you can access all our classes for free. Search here https://pilateslive.co.uk/all-pilates-classes/find-a-pilates-class/

  • Sue

    After a weekend of painting & gardening, I almost talked myself out of doing the class….but feel so much now I’ve finished it, Thank you.

  • Gill

    Tried your class for the first time today and really enjoyed it, felt more relaxed & energised-thank you!

    1. Vicky

      Thanks Gill. And welcome 🙂

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