abs and glutes energiser

Abs and glutes energiser

Mat-based class focused on building strength into our core, abdominal and glute muscles.

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Length: 36 minutes

This is a mat based class focused on continuing to build strength into our core, abdominal and glute muscles. The class begins with a standing warm up then continues onto the mat on our fronts, sides, into sitting and onto our backs. The class includes a range of exercises with varying difficulty so please work to a level that you feel safe and comfortable to do.

The class includes:

  • Standing – ‘Y’ stretch with heel raises
  • Squats with leg lift sideways
  • Standing clam
  • Standing abdominal curl
  • Mermaid
  • Roll downs
  • Onto our fronts leg extension with donkey kicks
  • Cobra stretch
  • Side kick
  • Double leg lifts
  • Sitting 0blique roll backs
  • Half roll backs
  • Onto our backs double leg stretch
  • Bridge with leg extension
  • Abdo prep with knee opening
  • Rotation stretch
  • Glute and hamstring muscle stretches
  • Sitting ‘Y’ stretch and spine twist

We start the class by warming up through our arms and legs with a ‘Y’ stretch with heel raises. We then continue to work into our legs and glutes with a squat with combined leg lift sideways and a standing clam. We then engage our abdominals in standing with a standing abdominal curl before stretching our spines with a mermaid and roll downs.

Continuing the class onto our fronts we strengthen and engage our glute muscles with some leg lifts and donkey kicks. We then mobilise our spines into extension with a cobra stretch. Moving onto our sides we continue to work into our glute and core muscles with a side kick and double leg lifts. After our side series we move onto our backs and continue to strengthen into our core and abdominal muscles with a double leg stretch, bridge and abdo prep with knee opening. We then begin to cool down with a gentle rotation stretch, glute and hamstring stretches. Finishing the class in sitting with a ’Y’ stretch and spine twist. 

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  • Rowena

    Really enjoyed the class. My abs and glutes definitely feel energised and strengthened! Thanks very much.

  • Marged

    Excellent class Vicky, I really enjoyed it.Thank you

  • Katherine Powell

    I absolutely love these classes. At 64, I have done boot camp, run half-marathons, biked and walked. I love your classes because they are well-paced, rigorous and yet, relaxing. I never feel stressed to do an excercise and the time flies. I am always sore the next day, so I know it’s working😊 Thank you!!!

    1. Vicky

      Thank you Katherine. So glad you’ve been enjoying the classes.

  • Thee

    How do I enter the online class?

    1. Vicky

      Hi Thee, all classes are freely available. Simply select the class you wish to follow, scroll down to the video and press play. Enjoy 🙂

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