Abs and core standing and mat work

Abs and core – standing and mat work

Abs and core core workout with a variety of movements and stretches

Included in this class:

  • Chest openings (dumb waiter) with heel raises
  • Side bends
  • Squats
  • Leg extensions in 4 point kneeling
  • Child pose stretch
  • Side kicks
  • Oblique lifts

We start this class in standing with some nice stretches to warm us up before beginning some heel raises and side bends.

Rolling down onto the mat we then move into the downward dog position to stretch through our bodies as well as a focus on stretching our calfs.

Then, in 4 point kneeling we work our core with leg extension movements – make sure you go to a level that suits you. We then take time to stretch in the child pose position before moving onto our side. Here we work through a series of side kick, and oblique lift movements.

Lastly we warm down in sitting with a short series of stretches.

  • Lynn Frenette

    Happy New Year!
    I really enjoyed the class. You give me confidence to try harder and do better each and every time.
    I love your new plants on your heater and the colour of your wall. It looks like you have a new mat as well.
    We all need the “new” and “refresh” for 2021!
    Enjoy your day

    1. Vicky

      Haha, thanks Lynn. Bit of a lock down make over 🙂

  • Susan Parvini

    Hi Vicky, I usually opt for your Moderate or Tougher classes but after doing lots more exercise today I thought I’d try this easier one. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it gave me just the stretches I needed, so thank you. I do your classes 2-3 times a week as I love them so much and know they are safe to do as I have a lower back problem (which these stretches help by the way).

  • jill

    Thanks – another excellent class. I really liked the new moves- side bends and drawing rainbows .

  • Caroline

    Thank you for sharing the class. I loved it.

  • lorna

    Thank you for your new class which I tried today. I am new to Pilates so could you advise on how often I should take a class and I notice that you suggest a few for each week. Do I need to do a variety or just concentrate on the new class each week?
    So glad I found you as I am already feeling the benefits after just ten days.

    1. Vicky

      Hi Lorna, I am glad you are feeling the benefit of the classes. Doing 2-3 classes a week is a great aim. In terms of which exercises or classes to do it depends on what you want to achieve. If you are working on strengthening a specific area then repeating a class with a particular focus may be helpful and will help to achieve this. But varying the classes is good to challenge the muscles in different ways and positions as well as other parts of the body. best wishes, Vicky

  • Davina

    Thanks, Vicky! Great class 🙂

  • Sue

    Hello Vicky
    I’ve just joined your 30min Pilates class and will endeavour to continue to do so .
    Before COVID I went to a regular weekly class with exercises very similar to yours today.
    Do you vary these sessions?

    1. Vicky

      Hi Sue. Yes. You can search sessions by length and difficulty using the menu at the top. Hoping to get some more search options soon as well.

  • Marilyn Walton

    Hi Vicky, I really enjoyed this new class, and the variety of movement. Just the thing when the weather here in France is too cold and wet to exercise outdoors. Your style of delivery is very calming but also very motivating, and I really admire the way you achieve this with two little ones to care for as well! See you soon. x

  • Jackie

    I am an absolute beginner. My friends have encouraged me to try yoga but I find I get too impatient and keep shouting “Get on with it.” at the screen. I thought I would try pilates and this was my first bash. I wasn’t aware of working particularly hard during the class but I certainly felt it in my muscles the next day. (I’m assuming that is a good thing.)

    Thank you for explaining the moves so clearly. I am inspired to try some of your other classes. Perhaps one day I shall even venture into the moderate category.

    1. Vicky

      Hi Jackie, thanks for your comment. Made me laugh. All the best.

  • Rebecca

    Best classes pilates classes I’ve found online. I’m actually enjoying exercise again. Thank you so much!!! x

  • Jess

    Hi Vicky,
    I discovered your classes online a month ago having not done a lot of Pilates before, and have been really enjoying working through the sessions. I slipped a disc a year ago and had a baby 6 months ago so my body has felt rather broken recently, but your classes are really helping and I’ve felt a difference already after only 3 weeks. Even managed to get the 3 year old and husband to join in! Recommended you to all my family! Thank you so much.

    1. Vicky

      It is wonderful to hear you’re getting on well with the classes. Thanks do much for your comment.

  • Vidhu

    Hi Vicky

    Happy New Year!

    I really enjoy doing your classes and find them easy to follow and work on my fitness. Please could I request that you do some classes using a resistance band please? Will that be possible?


    1. Vicky

      Hi Vidhu. Thanks for your comment. And yes. I don’t know if you’ve already found these resistance band classes: https://pilateslive.co.uk/all-pilates-classes/pilates-classes-using-resistance-band/ – and following our recent survey, resistance band classes were a popular request and so they’re on the list to create more. The first of which will be available in February!

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