Core and abs booster

Abs and core booster

Half hour abs and core series in standing and on the mat

In this class, in standing:

  • Corkscrew exercise
  • Short balance series
  • Hip flexion / standing leg lifts

On the mat:

In this half hour class we work our core, abs and glutes in standing and on the mat.

Starting in standing we do a series to test our balance followed by leg lifts.

Following this we work our way through a relatively challenging series of ab, core and glute exercises. including cycling legs, scissors and the clam.

Finishing in sitting with some spine twists and gentle Y stretches.

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  • Marged

    I really enjoyed this class Vicky.I feel so energised and stretched.Thank you😁

  • kajharry@me.com

    phew that was a good class Vicky. Thanks I too feel well-stretched out!!

  • Ian Riddle

    Thanks Vicky You are my lockdown saviour.

  • Anjali

    Really enjoyed this abdominal workout
    Just what I needed .

  • Dee Yardley

    Really enjoyed this new one Vicky, thank you very much once more

  • Pip

    Hi, so glad to have found your website, I love the atmosphere and rhythm of your classes. Please could you remember to demonstrate standing and sitting poses from the side as well as from the front, many thanks, Pip

  • Kirsteen

    Really enjoyed that class even the husband joined in and said that was lovely! Thank you

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