Abs and glutes muscle control

Abdominal and glute muscle control Pilates workout

Great Abs and glutes Pilates class

This class is a great workout for your deep abdominal core muscles and glute muscles challenging both the strength and control.

The class begins by warming up in standing with some upper body stretches and some leg and balance control exercises.

Mobilising our spines with some roll down movements before coming down onto the mat and on our backs. On our backs we challenge our pelvic floor and deep abdominal core muscles with scissors and one leg stretch movements. We also practice our bridging exercise.

We then move into sitting to challenge our abdominal muscles further with some roll downs before moving around onto our sides to work on our glute muscle strength with a clam and leg lift movements.

The class then finishes with some nice gentle stretches.

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  • phil

    Thank you Vicky for this class. I enjoyed exercising this morning. I think your classes are excellent. Although I am familiar with Pilates movements, you have introduced some new ones which I find quite refreshing. I have followed your classes for several weeks now. and find them both challenging and rewarding.. I also appreciate that you state the time taken for each class and which particular parts of the body that you are concentrating on. I often combine several in one session depending on the length, and try to do so at least twice a week often more.

    I do however have one problem. I have a moderate hearing loss and wear two hearing aids. The reception here is not good and I often struggle to hear what you are saying even at full volume. I move my lap top around so it is as close as possible but this is still a problem. I would appreciate it if you could speak a bit louder. if possible.

    Thank you once again. I look forward to continuing with your classes

    With very best wishes from

    Phil Hammon

    1. Vicky

      Hi Phil. Thanks for your message. I’ll do my best 🙂

  • Helen

    Great Pilates work out. Thank you.

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