Full body Pilates workout

45 minute full body Pilates workout

Full-length, full body workout to build strength and mobility throughout

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Length: 47 minutes

The class begins with a standing warm-up then continues onto our fronts, sides and onto our backs. The class includes a range of exercise sequences some of which are more challenging so please always work to a level that you feel safe and comfortable to do. 

This class includes:

  • Standing chest opening with heel raises
  • Abdominal curl
  • Split squats
  • Leg fold and stretch 
  • Standing clam
  • Standing arm opening 
  • Roll downs
  • Hip extension and hamstring curl 
  • Breaststroke prep
  • Cobra stretch
  • Side lying leg fold, stretch and lift
  • Double leg lift with side scissors
  • Arm opening stretch
  • Hip twist with opposite arm opening
  • Scissors
  • One leg circle
  • Abdo prep with arm circles
  • Abdo prep with knee opening and leg stretch
  • Bridge with arm raises
  • Rotation stretch
  • Glute and hamstring stretches
  • Sitting arm reaches with side bend

The class begins with a standing warm up starting with a chest opening stretch and heel raises. We then work our abdominals with an ab curl movement and our legs with some split squats. We then challenge our balance and muscle control with a leg fold and stretch before mobilising the spine with a standing arm opening and roll downs. 

We then continue the class down onto our fronts and begin to work our glutes with a leg lift. We then challenge our upper back muscles with a breaststroke prep movement before stretching our spines into extension with a cobra stretch.  Moving around onto our sides we work our glute muscles further with a leg fold, stretch and lift as well as a double leg lift with side scissors. we then have a recovery arm opening stretch. 

Onto our backs we challenge our core muscles further with a hip twist and arm opening movement, scissors and one leg circle exercises. On our backs we work our abdominals with a abdo prep and arm circles and a abdo prep with knee opening and leg stretch. We then begin to cool down with a bridge with arm raises and rotation and leg stretches. Finishing the class in sitting with some arm reaches and side bend stretches.  

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  • marged

    That was an excellent class Vicky.I feel totally stretched.Thank you.

  • Kate

    Hi , that was great , thanks! I needed to some stretching:) Lots of different stretches and a good balance.

  • Sue

    Thanks Vicky,
    I’m really enjoying your classes.
    I’m doing a small direct debit monthly donation and am hoping that others will do the same so that you will be able to continue to provide this wonderful service for us.

    1. Vicky

      Thank you Sue, that is very kind and much appreciated.

  • Sue

    Great workout. Enjoyed the new exercises. Thank you!

  • Andrea

    Hi Vicky! That was a brilliant class! Thank you

  • Gwen

    Wonderful class. Just what I needed to start getting back to full pilates fitness after an illness. Thank you. x

  • Fulvia

    Great class, thank you Vicky. I enjoyed the new exercises! I’ll do it again soon.

  • Sarah

    Another great class thank you!

  • Kim

    Thank you for a fantastic class Vicky
    Feel really good, shame I don’t get many chances to complete a 45min class I do love them ❤️
    Hope you & your family are well

  • Tenia

    Great class! Highly appreciated!

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