Hip focus Pilates

Hip control Pilates class

Enjoy this hip control Pilates workout

Starting in standing to warm up our legs and upper body. In standing we work our hip flexor muscles with a little bit of balance involved too!

We then move down onto the mat on our backs to challenge our core and hip control further.

Waking up our glute muscles and mobilising the spine with a bridging exercise before challenging our hip muscles further with a scissors exercise.

Finishing off the class with some gentle glute and hamstring stretches on our backs and upper body stretch in sitting.

  • Anne Doyle

    Hi Vicky, I am really enjoying your classes, they are just right for me while I can’t attend live classes. There is something here for every occasion, whether I have an hour for a strong workout, or just 20 minutes. Thank you, I’m so glad I found you.

    1. Vicky

      Thanks Anne. Glad you’re enjoying the classes 🙂
      Stay safe.

  • Rose

    Hi Vicky,

    I enjoyed the class.


  • Ann

    Thank you Vicky for doing these classes online. Good to see the focus for each lesson & the time they take. Excellent for getting me going at the start of the day.

  • jill

    Thanks for another great class. The cycling was hard work!

  • Louise

    Hi Vicky, haven’t attended a pilates class in over a year. Working from home during the pandemic, I’ve noticed how my posture has changed and how I ache more – I needed to get back in pilates. Just after one class with you I feel 2 inches taller. Will definitely revisit. Thank you

  • Sheila Barlow

    Really enjoyed the class thank you

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