Glute toning Pilates workout

30 minute bum toning workout

Glute-focus Pilates workout

This 30 minute class focuses on glute strengthening.

We start by warming up our legs and bottoms in standing. Then move into four point kneeling to challenge our glute muscles further, finishing this series with some bridging variations on our backs.

We then give our legs and glutes a good stretch before we finish the class.

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  • K Northam

    Thank you Vicky, just done 30.
    Hope you and your family stay well. Katherine. Xx

    1. Vicky

      Thank you Katherine. We’re all well. Keep safe.

  • Denise Halton

    Thank you for the workout

  • Jane

    This is one of my favourite classes, it has done wonders for my weak right wrist.

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