10 minute abs pilates class

10 minute Abs Pilates workout

Short abdominal challenge

This class is a short but intense 10 minute abdominal challenge based on the mat.

We start the class warming up our spines and abdominal muscles with a bridge movement. We then kick in our oblique muscles with a criss-cross exercise.

We continue to challenge our deep abdominal core and upper abdominals with a one leg stretch movement, adding the additional abdominal prep position into the movement.

We also bring in some lower abdominal work too with a scissors exercises. Finishing the class with some gentle lower back stretches on the mat.

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  • Roselyn Gillespie

    Hi Vicky,

    Thanks for the class, it was definitely a challenging work out.


  • Karen Lambert

    Loved this class – great work out. It’s amazing how much strength
    I’ve lost during this year since my classes stopped. Thank you.

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