Summer Pilates calendar

Get up and get going with our summer Pilates calendar focusing on flexibility and mobility.

Working our way through June this calendar utilises a mix of brand new classes alongside some of our existing favourites to challenge, stretch and mobilise all areas of our body.

Throughout the month the series introduces a mix of class lengths and variations with an overall focus on improving mobility and flexibility.

As we gear up to enjoy summer and are able to do more with friends and family, as well as enjoy more activities outside, this series aims to help keep us strong and flexible.

Many of the classes offer variations of exercises to suit all levels and give you the opportunity to challenge yourself more throughout the month (should you wish to)

I hope you like it (feel free to leave a message at the bottom of this page).

Week 1

1 June – 6 June

Movement and control pilates class

Movement and control

NEW CLASS. This class follows a range of sequences and movements to activate muscle groups across our back, legs, core and glutes.

(Moderate, 37 minutes).

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Flexibility and mobility

Flexibility and mobility

Mobilise your body from head to toe. This class focuses on mobility to help improve your range of movement and flexibility

(Easier, 34 minutes).

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upper body Pilates stretches

Upper body stretch and strengthen

This is a quick Pilates workout that mixes a strengthening with a great deal of stretching across the upper body.

(Easier, 22 minutes).

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Week 2

7 June – 13 June

flexibility and core stability

Flexibility and core strength

New class. Continues our theme of flexibility and mobility as well as aiming to challenge our core stability.Ā 

(Moderate, 42 minutes).

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Full body toning pilates class

Full body toning

This is a full body workout focusing on toning and strengthening.

(Moderate, 40 minutes).

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stretch and relax pilates

Stretch and relax

mat based class which gently stretches the body from top to toe.

(Easier, 14 minutes).

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Week 3

14 June – 20 June

Movement and stability

Movement and stability

New class. Class focuses on movements to encourage lengthening of the spine and body as well as strengthening of our core.

(Moderate, 41 minutes).

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Pilates for good posture

Pilates for good posture

Mat based class working on areas of the body to support good posture with a focus on our backs, core and upper body.

(Easier, 33 minutes).

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Super stretchy Pilates class-t

Super stretchy Pilates class

This class works to stretch through our bodies, with specific focus on our back, leaving you feeling 2 inches taller :).

(Easier, 29 minutes).

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Week 4

21 June – 27 June

Pilates class coming soon

Coming soon

New class available 21 June.
full body pilates blitz

Full body blitz

Class to put you through your paces. An all-over workout incorporating a series of core and abdominal sequences.

(Tough, 52 minutes).

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Standing and stretching Pilates

Leg stretch and strengthen

Class focuses on strengthening and stretching our legs as well as engaging through our core.

(Moderate, 36 minutes).

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Week 5

28 June – 30 June

Top to toe Pilates

Head to toe Pilates workout

Full body mat based class working from our tops to our toes.

(Moderate, 41 minutes).

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pilates core strengthening

Tone and stretch

Workout focusing on stretching the spine and strengthening core with lots of options to vary difficulty.

(Moderate, 26 minutes).

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  • Pamela

    Fantastic!! Thank you so much – I am looking forward to using this calender and taking these classes during the coming month!

  • Carla Nunez-Brown

    Excellent Vicky! I love your classes, they are powerful but feasible at the same time. I real pleasure everyday. I always look forward to my ME time with your Pilates classes. Thank you so much!

    1. Vicky

      Hi Carla, thanks so much for your lovely comment. Wonderful to hear you enjoy the classes (and here’s to more me time šŸ™‚ )

  • Mina

    Please can i join the classes?
    Is this classes with zoom?

    1. Vicky

      Hi Mina. The classes are all pre-recorded, so all you have to do is select the class you like, click through and scroll down to where the video is embedded. You can then press play.

  • Anne

    Hi Vicky
    Iā€™m really enjoying the summer programme. Having three classes a week is keeping me much more focussed. Hoping to stay fit and well into my 70s! Thank you so much.

    1. Vicky

      Hi Anne, Great to hear you are enjoying the summer calendar! šŸ˜Š

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