Favourite Pilates classes 2022

Our most popular classes of 2022

Taking a look back at some of our most popular classes of the last year

In this blog I highlight some of the classes that got you talking, commenting and replaying! For some these classes may be your favourites, for others, they may become a new favourite. I hope you like them.

…And don’t forget, we’ll be back with a brand new class to kick off 2023 and our January Calendar very soon.

Easier class – stretch and release Pilates:

stretch and release

This is a mat-based class, released in May, focuses on movements to help stretch out the body and release tension. The class also includes movements to work on strength and control throughout the body. This is a nice gentle paced class suitable for most levels.

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Moderate class – Total body Pilates workout:

total body workout

This 40 minute class from early on this year generated quite a few comments, messages as well as views. It was certainly popular at the time and has continued to be a ‘go to’ for some. It works the whole body including some great sequences to strengthen our core muscles and mobilise through the spine.

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Tougher class – Pilates core and abdominals:

pilates core and abs

Short but challenging, this class received a lot of views in July. It focuses on strengthening through our abdominal and core muscles with some tough exercise sequences

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And….one of my favourites: Pilates for stress relief:

Christmas can be a stressful time of year! Take a short break and relieve some tension with this easy-to-follow and relaxing routine. 🙂

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…And if you don’t fancy any of these classes, you can search more classes on our ‘find a Pilates class‘ page.

I have loved sharing classes with you this year. I hope you’ve enjoyed follwoing along! I am taking a short break over the Christmas period but will be back at the end of December to share with you our brad new calendar to kick start 2023. Have a wonderful Christmas and a brilliant New Year. See you soon.


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  • Anne

    Happy Christmas, Vicky to you and your family. Thanks for all you’ve done this year. Your classes were a lifesaver for me in 2020, and I’ve enjoyed them so much that I’ve kept doing them for almost three years.
    Enjoy the break, and see you next year.
    Anne 🎄😊

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