Pilates fitness series

Fitness focus Pilates calendar

This fitness-focused Pilates calendar mixes traditional Pilates sequences and fluid movements to raise the heart rate and build strength and mobility.

Set over the course of a month and offering 3 classes a week, this calendar utilises some of our favourite classes with new workouts specifically aimed to help improve fitness, strength and mobility.

The calendar is progressive, building in intensity and difficulty through the month and hopefully leave you feeling fitter and stronger!

It is important to note however, that although we aim to make our classes as accessible as possible, you should always ensure you go to a level you are comfortable with. In many classes different options are given to cater for a variety of abilities.

I do hope you enjoy the calendar. If you’d like to leave me a comment on the bottom of this page I’d love to hear how you’re getting on.

Week 1

Active Pilates workout

Active Pilates workout

Get your body moving with this active Pilates class.

(Moderate, 38 minutes).

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Abs and core standing and mat work

Abs and core – standing and mat work

Abs and core core workout with a variety of movements and stretches.

(Easier, 30 minutes).

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Feel good Pilates

Feel good Pilates workout

All over workout to get your body working and feeling great.

(Moderate, 51 minutes).

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Week 2

Class-fit Pilates workout

Power up Pilates

Active Pilates class designed to raise your heart rate a little whilst improving strength and mobility.

(Moderate, 41 minutes).

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ore and abs quick and intensive

Abs and core energiser

Short but challenging abs and core workout. Taking place on the mat.

(Easier, 18 minutes).

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Core and upper body

All-over workout inclusive of upper body strengthening and mobility.

(Moderate, 49 minutes).

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Week 3

dynamic Pilates workout

Dynamic Pilates workout

Work to improve strength and fitness with this dynamic Pilates workout.

(Moderate, 35 minutes).

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Mat pilates flow

Mat Pilates flow

Mat based connecting upper and lower body movements.

(Moderate, 27 minutes).

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Movement and control pilates class

Movement and control

Workout focusing on control, mobility and flexibility.

(Moderate, 37 minutes).

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Week 4

total body workout

Energising workout

Active Pilates class designed to raise your heart rate whilst improving strength.

(Tough, 36 minutes).

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Pilates flow

Pilates flow

Tough Pilates workout challenging us from head to toe.

(Tough, 19 minutes).

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Full body tone and stretch

Full body tone and stretch

Variable all over workout suitable for most levels.

(Moderate, 49 minutes).

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Week 5

challenging active Pilates class

Challenging active Pilates workout

Mat based class which challenges the whole body with a variety of exercise sequences.

(Tough, 39 minutes).

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Tough Pilates flow

Challenging Pilates flow

Tough Pilates flow class in standing and on the mat.

(Tough, 26 minutes).

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  • Kim

    Evening 🙋‍♀️
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas.
    Couldn’t wait to get started on this months classes.
    Just completed the first class, brilliant flow of exercises. Thank you

    Happy new year

  • Sarah

    Hello Vicky happy new year. I just did the Feel good Pilates workout and I feel good! Thanks so much for the great classes.

  • Astrid

    Hi Vicky,
    Just discovered your classes late last year and I love them, especially these brilliant series to start 2022 actively, thanks a lot! Just did the Mat Pilates flow after a day’s work and feel good!

  • Fede

    Hi, I just want to thank you, I just found you and your classes are great, I love what you do 🙂

  • Janet

    Hi Vicky, what an amazing discovery your website was, thank you for making Pilates so accessible for people! Just done my first class, really enjoyed it thank you.

  • Christine

    Started following your classes during lockdown still doing them they are very well presented and encouraging.to the participant. Only just discovered the calendars I intend to follow the Fitness Focus calendar

  • Theresa

    Love your classes you are great!!!

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