Autumn Pilates calendar

Core control and stability Pilates calendar

Core control and stability, progressive Pilates programme

Join us for our Autumn Pilates calendar.

The theme of this month’s calendar is core control.

Core stability relates to the region of the body that is bounded by the abdominal wall, the pelvis, the lower back and the diaphragm and its ability to stabilise the body during movement. This can often be thought of as the body’s natural corset. Ensuring core strength and stability is vital to ensure a healthy, sustainable movement for our daily lives as well as for exercise and sport.

As we work through the month we begin with easier classes, building in intensity throughout the month to challenge ourselves to a greater degree. As always, classes will include variations of difficulty – so please work to a level you are comfortable with, only progressing if you feel you are ready.

This calendar will follow our usual format of mixing brand new classes as well as utilising some of our old favourites.

I do hope you enjoy it. Please let me know in the comments at the bottom of the page.

Week 1

simple core control

Simple Core control

Mat based classes designed to gently engage and strengthen our deep abdominal core and pelvic floor muscles.

(Easier, 34 minutes).

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Pilates stretch workout

Pilates stretch workout

This easy stretching class has been designed to help mobilise the spine with some gentle stretches and lengthening exercises.

(Easier, 24 minutes).

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Week 2

core and stretches Pilates class

Easy core and stretches

Stretch focused class with short sets of core and abdominal exercises.

(Easier, 16 minutes).

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gentle core strengthening

Gentle core strengthening

Full length core stability and pelvic floor muscle strength and control class.

(Easier, 48 minutes).

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Mobility Pilates class

Full body mobility

Class focuses on stretching the whole body as well as working our core, glutes and upper body muscles.

(Moderate, 36 minutes).

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Week 3

Core focus mat work Pilates

Core focused mat work class

Core focused workout in both sitting and on our backs on the mat.

(Moderate, 17 minutes).

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sculpting core workout

Sculpting core workout

Mat based class working on strengthening our core and glute muscles.

(Moderate, 40 minutes).

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Head to toe Pilates workout

Full body mat based class working from our tops to our toes.

(Moderate, 41 minutes).

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Week 4

Movement and control pilates class

Movement and control Pilates workout

Workout focusing on mobility, flexibility and building core strength.

(Moderate, 37 minutes).

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core muscle strength and control

Core muscle strength and control workout

Flowing class to test core muscle strength and control.

(Moderate, 33 minutes).

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abs challenger

Abs and core challenger

Challenging abs and core Pilates workout in standing and on the mat.

(Tough, 28 minutes).

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Week 5

Full length core and pelvic floor

Full length core and pelvic floor

Full length mat based class working on strengthening your pelvic floor and deep abdominal core muscles.

(Tough, 59 minutes).

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ultimate core control

Ultimate core control

Tough mat based class working through movements to engage and challenge our deep abdominal core muscles.

(Tough, 43 minutes).

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  • Vicki

    Great look forward to new classes

  • Jane

    Thank you enjoyed following this month and could definitely feel the improvement in my core.

  • Fiona

    I’ve just found your classes. I think your clear presentation is great, I look forward to following some more classes. Thank you.

  • Nicki

    Thanks very much Vicky. Really enjoyed your class. I have just been recommended to your website.

  • CC

    Hi Vicky! I am 24 and have back pain due to scoliosis and weak back muscles around the spine. Is there a month-long calendar you’d recommend? Thanks for making this wonderful resources available; you’re amazing. -CC

    1. Vicky

      Hello, you make like to try our Core control and stability calendar which can be found here: https://pilateslive.co.uk/pilates-blog/autumn-pilates-calendar/ This calendar was particularly focused on core muscle strengthening so may be a good one to try. I hope the classes can help you to manage your symptoms. Best wishes, Vicky

  • Rosie


    I’m new to the site and wondered how you suggest doing the calendars? First week do one on Tuesday and one on Thursday and then build in the three the following week? Or should I be scheduling things differently?

    Any advice welcome, I am having lots of back issues so want to work on a regular pilates practice!

    Thank you

    1. Vicky

      Hi Rosie. Everyone has very different schedules so we built the calendars to try and fit around busy lifestyles. There is no particular schedule to follow when working your way through, as long as you’re doing the 3 classes per week – you can do when suits. However, you should obviously take into account your level and any issues you have – so do listen to your body and speak to a health professional if you’re unsure. But as a general rule – and if you’re feeling good, spread the classes out evenly through the week. All the best.

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