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Strengthening and toning Pilates calendar

Month-long strengthening and toning Pilates series offering a range of all-over and focused workouts

This month-long Pilates series utilises a mix of classes focusing on a range of movements to give an ‘all over’ workout.

As we work our way through the month we focus a range of areas of the body as well as enjoy several regular and more challenging full body workouts.

Many of the classes offer variations of exercises to suit all levels and give you the opportunity to challenge yourself more throughout the month (should you wish to).

I hope you like it (feel free to leave a message at the bottom of this page).

Week 1

All over toning Pilates workout

All over toning and strengthening

All over Pilates workout focusing on strengthening and toning. Moderate with more challenging and easier options to suit all levels.
(Moderate, 42 minutes).

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Upper body and arms Pilates

Upper body and arms

Upper body and arms Pilates workout with (or without) weights
(Moderate, 24 minutes).

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Core focus mat work Pilates

Core focused mat work class

Core focused workout in both sitting and on our backs on the mat.
(Moderate, 17 minutes).

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Week 2

pilates core strengthening

Tone and stretch

Mat based class focusing on stretching the spine and strengthening core muscles.
(Moderate, 26 minutes)

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10 minute abs pilates class

10 minute abs Pilates workout

This class is a short but intense 10 minute abdominal challenge based on the mat.
(Moderate, 10 minutes).

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Head to toe Pilates workout

Full body mat based class working from our tops to our toes
(Moderate, 41 minutes).

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Week 3

Full body toning pilates class

Full body toning

Full body workout focusing on toning and strengthening all over. Includes many options to vary the difficulty.
(Moderate, 40 minutes)

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Core and abs booster

Abs and core booster

Half hour abs and core series in standing and on the mat.
(Moderate, 29 minutes).

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full body pilates blitz

Full body blitz

Class to put you through your paces. An all-over workout incorporating a series of core and abdominal sequences.
(Tough, 52 minutes).

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Week 4

Total body Pilates

Total body Pilates

This mat based class works to strengthen and tone our upper body, core and legs.
(Moderate, 37 minutes)

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Standing and stretching Pilates

Leg stretch and strengthen

Get your legs working with this standing and mat work class.
(Moderate, 36 minutes).

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Pilates flow

Pilates flow

Flowing Pilates workout challenging us from head to toe
(Tough, 19 minutes).

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