Hip and glute Pilates class 20-39 mins

Glutes and hip control Pilates class

This 25 minute class challenges our glutes and hip control.

Starting in high kneeling we really challenge our glute and core muscle strength. Moving onto our backs on the mat we challenge our hip and pelvic control further with exercises such as hip twist, one leg stretches and more.

Cooling down with some spine and leg stretches.

Glute toning Pilates workout 20-39 mins

30 minute bum toning workout

Glute-focus Pilates workout

This 30 minute class focuses on glute strengthening.

We start by warming up our legs and bottoms in standing. Then move into four point kneeling to challenge our glute muscles further, finishing this series with some bridging variations on our backs.

We then give our legs and glutes a good stretch before we finish the class.

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Core workout with stretches 20-39 mins

Core workout with stretches

Enjoy this core focus Pilates class

The class starts in standing with some gentle exercises and stretches to warm up.

Coming down on to the mat we work more on our core and then our glutes. Building up difficulty as we go before warming down again with a series of stretches.

Abdominal focus Pilates class 20-39 mins

Abdominal focus Pilates class

Abdominal focus, mat-based Pilates class.

Employing a range of exercises, this class focusses on strengthening and toning our abdominal muscles.

Pilates stretching and strengthening 20-39 mins

Stretching and strengthening

Easy class gently challenging and stretching a range of muscles

This 30 minute class focuses on stretching the spine.

We start with some simple stretches in sitting then move to a cat stretch in four point kneeling.

Moving on to our backs to lengthen the spine further and stretch into our glute muscles.