Pilates classes using circle equipment

Pilates classes using the Pilates circle equipment to vary exercises and movements

On this page you can find online Pilates classes that utilise the Pilates circle (magic circle) equipment

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New classes featuring the Pilates circle will be added to this page automatically.

If you have any feedback about the classes featured on the page, you can comment below or contact us.

Lastly, as with all of our classes. Please go to a level you are comfortable with. If you are concerned about whether the exercises are right for you, please seek advice from a healthcare professional. See our terms and conditions

  • Eva

    Hi! 😘 The circle is perfect. Any more classes with that please.?

    1. Vicky

      Thanks Eva. These are all the current classes using circle. But there is a new one coming soon.

  • Katriencoppens@yahoo.com

    Just discovered the pilates circle, Truly enjoying the classes and this equipment and hoping for more .and even longer classes.
    Thank you Vicky.

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