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About Pilates Live

Helping make Pilates more accessible

Pilates Live is run by me – Vicky. The site is all about making Pilates accessible. I aim to create a similar, progressive experience that you may have by joining a local class – but in your own environment and accessible at any time.

My story

Pilates has many benefits. For general fitness as well as a way to rehabilitate from injury and other health issues.

Pilates can be particularly effective for new mothers – however, getting to a class when you have a newborn isn’t easy. Something I discovered myself after the birth of my boys! And this is where the idea for Pilates Live initially came from – to help new mothers access Pilates classes that would help them recover from child birth, in an easy and accessible way (for free).

Since then our community has grown. I now cater for all kinds of Pilates enthusiasts, from beginners to those looking for more advanced workouts. All kinds of people now enjoy Pilates Live and it is wonderful to hear how the classes have helped people with their range of fitness and rehabilitative goals.

Vicky and family by studio mylene
Wonderful illustration of me and my family. Kindly contributed by Pilates Live community member Mylene of Studio Mylene

Pilates and me

As a Physiotherapist I opt to use the The APPI method of Pilates. A modified version of Joesph Pilates original movements. The exercises have been adapted from some of the original sequences developed in the 1920’s to create a graduated system of specific exercises that can be used to rehabilitate from injury, improve posture and regain muscle control, strength and flexibility in a safe and effective way. 

My background

I have been a qualified physiotherapist for over 10 years and I now specialise in musculoskeletal (joints and muscles) conditions. I also have a post graduate certificate in Sports Injury Management (PGCert). I would often use Pilates exercises to help rehabilitate and improve a client’s condition or injury.

This inspired me to train further in the Pilates method and become a Pilates instructor.

I love to learn new skills and ideas for my classes and continue to attend courses with the APPI to develop my knowledge and skills as a Pilates teacher.

I have been teaching Pilates for a number of years now and I enjoy seeing client’s benefit and improve from the exercises. I hope Pilates Live will be an accessible and achievable way for many people to benefit from doing regular Pilates exercises.

I hope you like the classes.


Support Pilates Live

All classes and programmes on the site are provided free of charge. But if you’d like to make a contribution you can so by following the link below.